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Febregas Never Intend To Leave Chelsea

Manchester United entertain Leicester City at Old Trafford Stadium on the sixth week Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (24/9/2016). Leicester, Manager Claudio Ranieri, claiming to want to drink wine with your tactics racik spokesman Jose Mourinho,after the match later.

Just weeks ahead of the 2016-2017 season, Ranieri and Mourinho twice already dealing. The first meeting took place in the Soccer Aid 2016 which takes place at Old Trafford Stadium (2/6/2016). At that time, Mourinho, who led the United Kingdom national team managed to beat the Rest of The World under coach by Ranieri with a score of 3-2.

The second meeting between Mourinho and Ranieri happens in the FA Community Shield (7/8/2016). Mourinho digdaya again by bringing Manchester United grabbeda 2-1 victory.

Even so, Mourinho, Chelsea for directing, helpless kala face Leicester City are taken care of by Ranieri. The Blues serve 1-2 while on a trip to the King Power Stadium(14/12/2015) and the 1-draw while entertaining The Foxes at Stamford Bridge(15/5/2016).

Febregas Never Intend To Leave Chelsea

"We face each other ahead of the 2016-2017 season. You remember, I coached the team the Rest of The World against United Kingdom belongs to Mourinho. Every manager has a lot of work and it's natural. Mourinho was Manager and fantastic man, "said Ranieri.

"Maybe, Mourinho will have to proffer my red wine. I love red wine. If he offered me a drink, I would go with him after the match. Mourinho the Manager was fantastic, intelligentand savvy, "he added.

Ahead of the game later, Claudio Ranieri has a positive record against Mourinho incompetitive matches. Italy-born Manager WINS and a draw from its last four matches against clubs which trained Mourinho.

However, Leicester City has a bad record each time a trip to the headquarters ofMU, Old Trafford. The Foxes are just able to grab the one victory from the last 18 meetings. The only victory of Leicester was in January 1998.

Midfielder Cesc Fabregas claimed to have no problem with the new Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte. Spain-born Player was also not wanted to leave Stamford Bridge.

Febregas lost his place in the Chelsea first team in the leadership of Antonio Conte.Italy-born Manager has chosen to downgrade the duet N'Golo Kanté and NemanjaMatic in The Blues midfield.

Since that time, Fabregas heavily rumored media United Kingdom feel no taste and want to immediately leave Stamford Bridge. Several clubs rumored to be willing to accommodate 2-4, including AC Milan, Real Madrid and Juventus.

"I never thought to leave Chelsea. Madrid? There may be some calls and maybe not.However, I never thought of going, "said Fabregas.

Febregas Never Intend To Leave Chelsea

"The Rumors mentioned that I wanted to go and I am offering myself to the other clubs makes me tired. I will persist. If I feel there is not enough good d here, I will go.However, I feel happy here, "he added.

CESC Fabregas appears full when Chelsea face Leicester City in the League Cup fourth round United Kingdom 2016-2017 at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday (20/9/2016). Fabregas created two goals and brought The Blues won by a score of 4-2.

This marks the first time Fabregas appeared since the beginning of the match along with Chelsea. Despite the success of creating two goals, Conte could not guaranteeFabregas would earn a place in the first team The Blues.

"I have spoken with Conte. He is a coach who has a certain philosophy. We very like it. He is a brilliant coach, "Pamela dial.

"My assessment on him will not be changed even though I rarely have the opportunity to play. He is a tough guy and is not afraid to talk directly in front of you. We arehappy he is here, "said Fabregas.

CESC Fabregas had the chance back appeared to defend Chelsea faced against former club Arsenal on the sixth week Premier League 2016-2017 at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016).

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