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Mourinho wanted to fight with Arsene Wenger

Portugal coach, Jose Mourinho was rumoured to have had the desire to fight with Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. It is revealed in the Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal, by Robert Beasley.

When initiating a career along with Chelsea, Mourinho and Wenger are indeed often hostile. In the 2005 season, for examplewhen The Blues came out as champions,Mourinho had time to describe Wenger as "the coaches specialists failed".

The second feud continues as coach Jose Mourinho's Chelsea handling back in 2013. Surprisingly, the former Real Madrid coach Juan Mata melego to Manchester United next season.

Wenger admitted was confused with that decision because MU is one of The rivals.The moment of the alluded to reserved nickname coach "specialists", Wenger thenalternating said, Mourinho is an example of the figure of the trainer who is afraid offailure.

Various stories were packed Beasley in his work the question of Mourinho. In one part of the book, Mourinho is known to never say, "someday, I will look for him (Wenger) off the field, and I will fight with him."

Mourinho wanted to fight with Arsene Wenger

The latest, Mourinho and Wenger back only pacified in UEFA conference event, in Switzerland, 9 September. In the event, the Manager of France it was rumored originresist giving a seat to Mourinho.

The incident occurred in front of the presence of the world's top coaches, such as Carlo Ancelotti, Massimiliano Allegri, Zinedine Zidane, Unai Emery, to the legendaryMU, Manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The captain of Manchester United (MU), Wayne Rooney, say, criticism about the appearance of the Red Devils at the 2016-2017 season is nonsense.

MU swallow three defeats from four matches. At the moment Rooney full play for 90 minutes, the Red Devils any subject from Manchester City and Watford.

Although capable of contributing three goals that made his name a record equalling Sir Bobby Charlton (249 goals), Rooney still received criticism. In fact, some judge,Jose Mourinho will have to write off the player so MU back to best performance.

Mourinho wanted to fight with Arsene Wenger

"I have experienced anything like this throughout his career, but this is football. I listen to the coaches and peers, people around, and I'm really not going to listen to what a lot of people are talking about because it was bullshit, "said Rooney.

"Of course I have to stay focused and work hard. Things like this I have been going through. Most importantly, at this time I need to keep working hard and try to givemy best for the team, "the former Everton striker was added.

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When MU trained Louis van Gaal reacted, Rooney had a chance to live out a position as a deep-lying playmaker. In the event the 2016 European Championships, national team coach, Roy Hodgson, United Kingdom ever put the 31-year-old player asmidfielder.

"I've played in a few different positions throughout his career. I feel can play in various positions, but, in my opinion, the Manager (Jose Mourinho) clearly have been told I will be playing a bit ahead or in a position of ' no.10 ', "said Rooney.

Leicester City will be a trip to the headquarters of the Manchester United at Old Trafford on the sixth week Premier League, Saturday (24/9/2016). Although he visited toTHY coops, The Foxes have absolutely no trepidation.

Holds the status as defending champions, Leicester start their Premier League this season with a less convincing. They picked up two WINS, two defeats, and swallow all draw from five matches the Prime League.

The sequence of those results to make The squad for the Fox is now in the order of11 standings while Premier League with elections caused seven points. They left behind eight points from Manchester City that sits at the top of the standings.

Leicester City ever sought to repair nicks as meets MU in Old Trafford. But beatingManchester United before his own supporters is not an easy task.

Mourinho wanted to fight with Arsene Wenger

For Leicester just grab the one victory, five draw, and gobbled up 12 of the 18 defeat last visit to Old Trafford in the League. Despite having a minor trend, Leicester Cityhas absolutely no trepidation.

"We are not afraid. Why we should be afraid to go down there? More than the defeat, what can we do there? Why? Because I enjoy the game witnessed by 70 thousand spectators, amazing, fantastic"said the Manager of Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri.

"I don't want to go to a place where you and I was just playing. It was a bad performance. This is not the first time Leicester played against you. Now they have experienced players. This is normal. When you play in a big stadium shows, you want the best, "he continued.

It's not just Manchester United, Leicester City also determined the full points. MU which now is on the order of seven while the Premier League standings with a value of swallow defeat, seven in the last two games in the League.

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