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Mourinho almost a Coach of Liverpool in 2004

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy, revealed, Jose Mourinho was very disappointed when Rafael Benitez was chosen as Manager of The Reds in 2004. At that time, the Mou is one of the new Liverpool manager candidates.

After being rejected, then vote Against accepting the position as Manager of Chelsea. Along with Chelsea, the Mou should be one of the best managers in the world. He successfully offered both the Premier League and United Kingdom League Cup and one FA Cup and FA Community Shield.

"There are only two candidates at that time, namely, Rafael Benitez and Mourinho.I've heard from him that she desperately wanted the job, "says Murphy.

Murphy explains, the reason management prefer Benitez, because of his experiencein Spain is considered more attractive compared to Jose Mourinho at the time a career in the League of Portugal.

Mourinho almost a Coach of Liverpool in 2004

"Liverpool chose Benitez because he just won two titles, namely La Liga and UEFA Cup along with Valencia, and according to the achievement of the management better than Mourinho who coached Club Portugal. I know Mourinho was disappointed for not getting the job, "he added.

"I am also pissed off, because at the time Benitez is not menginginkanku. If the timeMourinho elected, I might still survive, "said Murphy.

Now, Jose Mourinho served as Manager of Manchester United. Red Devil is the second Premier League club to ever under coach by The Special One.

Manchester United will face off against Liverpool at Anfield Stadium on October 18,2016. Then, the Red Devils entertain The Reds at Old Trafford on January 14, 2016.

Origin of the Portugal Manager, Jose Mourinho apparently had almost passed out on the sidelines of the pre season tour of Chelsea, in the United States, in 2013. Lucky, Eva Carneiro, who's status as one of The team of doctors, moving fast.

These events revealed in Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal, by Robert Beasley.In addition to the moment of Mourinho almost fainting, there are also some interesting story about the other side of the Manchester United manager.

Carneiro and Mourinho had become the main media-media news coverage of United Kingdom in 2015. The cause was a decision Chelsea dismissed Carneiro who had criticized Mourinho in a match against Swansea City, 8 August 2015.

Mourinho almost a Coach of Liverpool in 2004

In the game, Carneiro had initiated a Hazard menatangani lying on the pitch after a tackle Swansea players. That situation make Chelsea play only nine people after Thibaut Courtois gets the red card.

The decision ignited emotions turned out Mourinho Carneiro. After the match, Mourinho had the harsh words to Carniero before eventually lowering position Carneiroand forbade him to come to the gym.

The airport then take legal action over the incident because it feels wronged. Even though it had lasted a lot, The Blues ultimately released a statement of apology to the family and all the airport in June 2016.

However, before the problem arose, there are fascinating stories between Mourinhoand Carneiro. One of these was written Robert Beasley.

The following are excerpts of the story of the origin of the work of journalists United Kingdom:

"... At the time of the pre season tour of Chelsea in the US in 2013, I coincidentally saw an incredible scene.

When I turn on one corner of the corridor of the hotel, there is no figure-down andlying on the floor. He is Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro later came with one of Chelsea's staff, Gary Staker. I then heading toward them and said, "Wow, there's an interesting story of what this!"

Carneiro and Staker then saw the look on the faces of shocked that cannot be expressed with words, but after that I heard the voice of the weak and hoarse from Jose Mourinho who said, "No. There is no story. I am fine. "

Mourinho almost a Coach of Liverpool in 2004

He does not look fine and sounds like so. However, doctors are already there with him and clear various reactions when it all happened, make me be like the only one who is not expected to be there.

For a variety of drama, and it's definitely not a scenario between life and death, and I don't want to get involved any further, I then do not search for Mourinho. However, in an occasion, he met me.

He smiled, but it looks like a bit of a shame. The core of Deus Caritas Est explanation is: "what you see is not serious. I feel dizzy and fall to the floor when want towardthe room. However, everything is fine.

Why it could happen each simpang-siur. I previously consumed some pills to treat back pain. However, at the time of live tours, I begin to lose votes because too oftenshouted when the exercise.

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