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David Luiz: Conte Better Than Mourinho

Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva, expressed commitment to persist in Liverpool and will be patient waiting for a chance to play from the Manager Jurgen Klopp.

The opportunity to play Lucas with Liverpool was minimal throughout the 2016-17.He has three times played as a starter and played as a central defender who in fact is not a natural position.

"This situation is not good. I don't want this situation in the future, but at this time, I have to deal with it and try to find a solution when getting an opportunity, "said Lucas.

"I have to be professional, thought the team and see what will happen. I don't want this to be my career, especially with the age I am now. I do not want to retire and still want to play the next few years, "said Lucas.

Lucas heavily rumored will leave to Inter Milan in the January transfer exchanges after not being first choice Klopp. However, he said if his relationship with the Manager is fine.

David Luiz: Conte Better Than Mourinho

"There are always Rumors, but at the moment, the best place for me is Liverpool. I can't talk about tomorrow, "said Lucas.

"The Manager is very nice to me and we have a very open relationship, so nothing I worry about about it. This has become a special season. We have a chance to win the title and I consider it, "he said.

Lucas recruited Liverpool from Gremio with around 10 million euros (around Rp 141billion) in July 2007. Lucas is one of the favorite players among Liverpool supportersand holds the record as the first Brazil players scored goals for the Club.

Chelsea players, David Luiz, assess if Antonio Conte was the best manager who had worked with her since understanding the character of each player properly. The statement indicates if Conte better than Jose Mourinho.

"Conte is the best managers who once worked with me. He knows the characteristics of each player very well. We followed what he said to do above the field, "saidLuiz.

Antonio Conte arrived from Juventus at Stamford Bridge on 1 July 2016. However, the Manager of Italy that had suffered a nightmare early in his career with Chelsea because it had received some negative results with The Blues.

Speculation about the future of Antonio Conte had appeared. In fact, the media-media United Kingdom judge if the Manager only counts the days before being fired by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic.

David Luiz: Conte Better Than Mourinho

However, Antonio Conte was finally able to reverse the situation. She is able to bring Chelsea grabbed the 13 winning streak in the Premier League, before it was halted because of the 0-2 defeat of Tottenham Hotspur (14/1/2016).

"Conte is the manager who liked what he was doing and pass on all that to us who also loves football. Every practice session and the match is a very important form ofembodiment for Conte, about how to achieve victory and compete. That motivates us, "said Luiz.

David Luiz got teamed up with Jose Mourinho in the summer of 2013-2014. However, the manager decided to release players that Brazil to Paris Saint-Germain per 1 July 2014.

It's just that, Antonio Conte back David Luiz buying at the start of this season. Brazilplayers it now became an important figure in the heart of the Chelsea defence, aftermelakoni 22 matches in all competitions.

Manchester United, Liverpool aim as the 10th victory target in quick succession, the second time the team meets at the Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/1/2017). The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho revealed it after his team grabbed a perfect 9th results.

Manchester United, Hull City conquered by a score of 2-0 in the League Cup Semi-final 1st Leg United Kingdom 2016-2017. Those results became Manchester United's impressive record throughout the season. The victory of the 9th consecutively gave the signal the resurrection of Manchester United, which had slumped in the phase prior to December 2016.

Armed with victory over Hull City, Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho Liverpool target as target. He admitted Wayne Rooney dkk direct action focus on counterinsurgency.

"The whole team is already thinking of the match later on Sunday. I need a better game, the players had to work hard again, so is the whole fans in the stadium. Everyone loves a great match, and it will be present at the moment of the weekend, "saidMourinho.

Mourinho sure children can reap the asuhnya note perfect counter. "Nine of the victory is very important, because six of them in the Premier League. So, now we'll be vying for the victory, and seven in the Premier League, "he said.

Mourinho is aware, the lack of game versus Hull City was not enough. He admitted the Manchester United still has some weaknesses. "If we want the three points of Liverpool, of course we have to develop the game, unlike cons Hull City. If we want thethree points, the team should really change, "refer to Mourinho.

David Luiz: Conte Better Than Mourinho

The Special One to reveal a weak point of Manchester United at Hull City counter action. Former architect of the Inter Milan team considers children's games asuhnya too weak and monotonous in the first half. Hull City are lucky to not display special.

"In the second half we were better, although only a few. If we want to win over theReds, the team must improve shortcomings, "said Mourinho.

Defender Antonio Valencia chimed in comments the boss. He admits had difficulty versus Hull City, especially in the first half. That situation also may not be the case when Liverpool meet.

Before counterinsurgency action Liverpool, Manchester United reaping nine winning streak. The results obtained after Manchester United drew Everton being held by a score of 1-1 (4/12/2016).

After that, Manchester United bend Zorya (9/12/2016), Tottenham Hotspur (11/12/2016), Crystal Palace (15/12/2016), West Bromwich (18/12/2016), Sunderland(26/12/2016), Middlesbrough (31/12/2016), West Ham United (3/1/2017), Reading(7/1/2017) and Hull Citu (11/1/2017).

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