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Mourinho: now a lot of Einstein in football ...

Arsenal will face Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on the sixth week Premier League,Saturday (24/9/2016). Despite playing a home fixture, The Gunners are often not real time meets The Blues.

The performance of Arsenal at the start of this season not yet too stable. They grabbed three wins, one draw, and swallow one defeat in five matches the early Premier League 2016-2017. Those results make Arsenal now ranked four of the standings temporarily with a value of 10.

Nicks also obtained by Chelsea. Antonio Conte's squads were also picking up threewins, one draw, and swallow one defeat. The Blues ever ranked five and only goal difference from Arsenal.

Future meets on the sixth week of the Premier League, Arsenal and Chelsea are both vying for full points. The victory not only keep the prestige, but also keep the desperate grabs the trophy champion.

London Gun squads appeared before his own supporters are more benefited. Even so, the London Blue squad even more digdaya when the meladeni resistance of Arsenal in the League.

Mourinho: now a lot of Einstein in football ...

Of the nine meetings last, Chelsea managed to pluck six wins, three draws, and the results have never been swallowing defeat of Arsenal. The Blues also successfully find their two victories and three draws results in five of the last visit to the Emirates Stadium.

Not only that, Chelsea also most often grab the victory at the Emirates Stadium, rather than other Club Stadium in the Premier League. Chelsea were able to humiliateArsenal four times in front of his own supporters.

The last time Chelsea lost to Arsenal occurs on 29 October 2011 in the 10th match of the weekend Premier League 2011-2012. Entertaining The Gunners at Stamford Bridge, The Blues are subject by a score of 3-5.

Even so, Chelsea will have to keep working hard to be able to beat Arsenal at the meeting this time. This is because the Middle Rounds in the Warehouse team confidence is high after a 4-0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the League Cup third round matches United Kingdom at The City Ground, Wednesday (21/9/2016) early morning GMT.

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Mourinho: now a lot of Einstein in football ...

Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, rumored to Sport start behavior annoyed with Dimitri the ins, which sparked an uproar with Pep Guardiola. Toure asked the agent to any settled the disputes with Guardiola.

The war between the ins and the Barcelona starting from the decision of the Manager of the origin of the name of the write off Spain that Toure of Manchester City's squad for the Champions League this season. The ins calls, Pick behaves like a King, though the new deal with The Citizens.

Hear the original man greeting the Ukraine, Pep Guardiola felt the wrath. He was demanding the ins to apologize. If not, Pick threatened never to play Toure Yaya throughout this season.

Instead of apologizing, Dimitri the ins back attacking former coach of FC Barcelonaand Bayern Munich. Call the ins if Pep Guardiola was the coach and now handles an ugly team, namely Manchester City.

"When Toure went from Barcelona in 2010 to come to Manchester City, Guardiola said if he went to a club that's ugly. Now, Guardiola is the Manager of the club that the ugly, "said the ins as reported by the Sport.

A hot dispute with the ins Dimitri Guardiola made Toure snarled. Because the Ins comment, thus making his career with Manchester City at the end of the Horn is growing.

Therefore, the origin of the Ivory Coast midfielder was asking the ins to finalize his clashes with Pep Guardiola. Moreover, his contract at Manchester City would have ended in the summer of next year.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, assess, right now many of the "Albert Einstein" in the world of football.

Mourinho: now a lot of Einstein in football ...

This statement is a satire Against a party to a number of frequently heaped criticismafter The Red Devils suffered a defeat in the match game streak.

MU had initiated the 2016-2017 season well. After a 2-1 win over Leicester City in the FA Community Shield, Red Devil is able to bend Bournemouth, Southamptonand Hull City, in the Premier League.

However, the situation changed after they swallowed a 1-2 defeat of Manchester City at Old Trafford. In the next game, in the Europa League, Feyenoord win 1-0 in theEuropa League, then followed by Watford in the Premier League.

MU ultimately back victory when defeating Northampton Town, 3-1, in the United Kingdom League Cup tournament. After that game, Mourinho ever commenting on various criticism of himself and the Club.

"I know there are some football Einstein. Football filled with Einstein. I know they want to try to delete my 16 year career. They also want to remove the extraordinary history of Manchester United, "said Mourinho.

"They all just focus on the bad weekend at the moment we are having three disappointing results. However, this is a new era of football. Many of Einstein's in there, "the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach the adds.

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