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Mourinho happy if Schneiderlin Go from Manchester United

Arsenal Defender Laurent Koscielny, considers the goals of a Scorpion that scored teammate, Olivier Giroud, against Crystal Palace at the weekend Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (1/1/2017), smelling good luck.

Koscielny calling Giroud goal was born out of the process. He praised the confidence Giroud when attempting to grab the bait Alexis Sanchez who bear so hard to reach goals against Crystal Palace.

GOL Giroud undertook to answer the Trust Manager Arsene Wenger backing it up often on the 2016-17 season. He scored a total of nine goals and five assists from 19matches along with Arsenal.

"The goal of the Oli (calling Giroud) is a fortune," said Koscielny, as reported by theofficial Arsenal.

"He could have tried it 10 times, but I'm not sure will be scored by the same amount. He's got a bit of luck, but he has already tried it. It was a beautiful goal.

Mourinho happy if Schneiderlin Go from Manchester United

"Gol happens very quickly because we started from their own penalty area and the ball is aimed into the opposing penalty box with four or five time. Cross leads to theback of the Olivier, but confident, you could try such a thing.

"He has built confidence during exercise by printing a lot of touchdowns and accustomed to try that technique.

"It's amazing because the ball got on crossbar. Feedback leads back, she tried the scorpion kick and fruition. That's why the goal is incredible, "said Koscielny.

Giroud opened the score for Arsenal in the 17th minute before Alex Iwobi advantage on 56 minutes. Until the end of the match, The Gunners managed to keep excellence 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, assessing if the performance shown inconsistencyDaniel Sturridge is caused because the players often are not in a physical condition.

"If Sturridge in a fit condition, if there is any doubt about the quality that he had? of course not. The talents and capabilities owned Sturridge has already no doubt, "saidKlopp.

"Sturridge is an intelligent player and has everything a manager needs above the field. He's an incredible player. However, he often doesn't fit and it made it hard to compete with the other players, "said Klopp.

Mourinho happy if Schneiderlin Go from Manchester United

Sturridge is known as a player who often inhabit spaces care injury. Since joining Liverpool in 2012-13, the player has 10 recorded a history of injuries. The latest was a calf injury he is natural on November 23, 2016. The injury makes it take a rest for 25days.

The 2016-17 season, Sturridge did not become premier choice Klopp. The player often start the game from the bench. However, Klopp stated if Sturridge remains an important part of the Liverpool squad.

"Although not always scored, Sturridge still shows a good performance for Liverpool. He is the type of player who fits in with the strategy that I apply in Liverpool. No one at the club who doubted the ability of Sturridge, "says the Manager of origin Germany.

This season, Sturridge recently chalked up 12 appearances in competition Premier League and contributed two goals and one assist for Liverpool.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, admitted would glad if Morgan Schneiderlin right join Everton on stock transfers January 2017.

"I don't have the details, but before the game, I was informed by Ed Woodward thatthe situation is almost obvious because Morgan (Schneiderlin) will probably leave toEverton," said Mourinho, as reported by the Soccerway.

"I am saddened at the same time happy. I am sad because he could be an option for us. I was excited because it was something he wanted. He wants to play. I can only say good things about him, "he said.

Mourinho happy if Schneiderlin Go from Manchester United

Schneiderlin doesn't have a place in the main squad for the Manchester United manager's Chair since inhabited Jose Mourinho on the 2016-17 season. France midfielder was recently featured as much as eight times in various event with a total of 238 minutes play.

Allegedly, Everton almost reached a deal with Manchester United. The Toffees reportedly ready menggelontorkan £ 22 million for acquired Schneiderlin to Goodison Park.

Mourinho declared Schneiderlin would leave after accompany Manchester United magpies FA Cup semi-final first leg cons Hull City at Old Trafford on Tuesday (10/1/2017). In the game, the Red Devils win two goals without reply.

Schneiderlin joined Manchester United after it was bought from Southampton at the start of the season of the 2015-16. 27 year old player that played in 42 games on the various races of last season.

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