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Jose Mourinho Called the second goal against Hull City's most Crucial

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho calls the second goal against HullCity on Tuesday (10/1/2017) or Wednesday (11/1/2017) early morning EDT, becoming the most crucial. The goal of making Manchester United could breathe long in order to anticipate the resurrection of Hull City.

On Leg 1 United Kingdom League Cup Semi-final 2016-2017, at Old Trafford, Manchester United reaping the victory 2-0. The opening goal was born via Juan Mata on56 minutes.

Marouane Howard scored a ' decisive ' for Manchester United, three minutes beforenormal completion waktur. Those results make Manchester United open up opportunities to qualify for the final on February 26, 2917.

"I expect a difficult match, I didn't expect a win by four or five goals. For me, 1-0, just be good results, but 2-0 for the better again, "said Jose Mourinho, the Club's official website.

Mourinho admits a margin of two goals, without being able to make them comfortable conceded melakoni the second meeting at the headquarters of Hull City on 26 January 2017. Mourinho hopes, the son of asuhnya not jemawa due to the Wembleyhas not one hundred percent.

Jose Mourinho Called the second goal against Hull City's most Crucial

"These results are not the end of the semifinals, and we have not yet definitely at Wembley. But the second goal made us more confident and goal was very important,"said Mourinho.

For Manchester United, a victory over Hull City became its own sweet note for the fleet of the port city. They are able to reap the 9 winning streak in all competitions. This achievement being the best winning streak since 11 February 2009.

Not only that, the second scorer Marouane Howard also reaped a record of exceptional. Versatile players that Manchester United scored his first goal in the League Cup since the last time the United Kingdom contributed touchdowns in August 2013. This time, Howard was able to answer the belief of Jose Mourinho.

Liverpool rumored to BBC, Tuesday (10/1/2017), Defender Mamadou Sakho was willing to take off when there is an offer of 20 million pounds or around Rp 323.59 billion from the Club enthusiasts.

Galatasaray and Seville became the two clubs reportedly interested in gettingSakho. However, both clubs are simply cast a bid below the selling price.

Liverpool are still waiting for the latest bid of two clubs. Liverpool gave a deadline to transfer stock 2017 winter ends.

Jose Mourinho Called the second goal against Hull City's most Crucial

The future with Liverpool starting to become Sakho questions since the doping cases involved Sakho on last April. Since that time, Sakho who get sanctions ban competed over the past month, no longer an option Manager Jurgen Klopp.

This season, though they have not appeared for Sakho Liverpool in various event. France midfielder was only five times have come into a match with Liverpool U-21.

Sakho before once be the first choice back line Liverpool since he brought from Paris Saint-Germain at the beginning of the season of 2013-2014. Up to now, Sakho had already been playing in 80 matches and contributed three goals for Liverpool in various event.

Liverpool will try out the power of Southampton in Saint Mary's Stadium in the first leg match of the semi-final of the League Cup Wednesday, United Kingdom (11/1/2017). This game became mental exam The Reds to victory lane again.

Liverpool has yet to grab victory in the last two games. Original Club Merseyside should accept the fact draw.

The latest, Liverpool drew 0-0 by the fourth caste United Kingdom Club, Plymouth Argyle. Therefore, the victory could stir up the confidence of the players.

Moreover, they will face Manchester United at the weekend action which takes place this weekend at Old Trafford. However, Manager Jurgen Klopp should pay attention to the facts in the last two meetings against Southampton they are forced to swallow the defeat.

Jose Mourinho Called the second goal against Hull City's most Crucial

"It would be great if we could reach the final. Our favorites are the winner against Southampton? Anyone who says this of course does not really understand this tournament, "said Klopp.

In the home team, Manager Claude Puel hopes his team can achieve a victory in thefirst leg game. Because, with the victory could be a little add confidence Southampton when the Magpies second leg at Anfield later.

"We will try and play the match strictly to get great results. It is done for the sake ofpreparing for the second game. Sangay important home matches. We have to take advantage, "said Puel.

In later matches, Southampton will not be reinforced six players who suffered injuries. Meanwhile, Liverpool are still losing Jordan Henderson.

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