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Rooney review on 3 Consecutive Defeats to Manchester United

The captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, commenting on three consecutive defeat experienced by his team for a period of eight days. United Kingdom originplayers were judging the Red Devils just experienced a bad weekend.

Manchester United swallow 1-2 defeat against Manchester City which takes place atOld Trafford in a match called the Manchester derby, Saturday (10/9/1999).

Five days later, MU surrendered 0-1 against Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Group A match of the inaugural Europa League 2016-2017. Then, MU tumbles 1-3 visit to Watford, Vicarage Road Stadium, Sunday (18/9/2016).

However, MU rose United Kingdom League Cup in 2016-2017. The Red Devils defeated the army of Northampton Town 3-1 in the third round, Wednesday (21/9/1999).

"I think this kind of thing happens in football. We failed to achieve victory in threematches. Of course, everyone will be talking about this issue, "says Wayne Rooney.

"We are having a bad week. Eight bad days where we suffered three defeats. The most important thing we managed to react well and through it, "he added.

Rooney review on 3 Consecutive Defeats to Manchester United

Manchester United will face a tough opponent in the sixth week Premier League 2016-2017. The Red Devils entertain Premier League champion 2016-2017, Leicester City, at Old Trafford, Saturday (24/9/2016).

There are some interesting story about Jose Mourinho Jose Mourinho in: Up Close and Personal, by Robert Beasley. Starting from fight with Arsene Wenger wishes up to the moment when the original manager of Portugal were stunned at the sight of the famous artist, Jennifer Aniston.

Mourinho over is known as one of the managers who often performs controversial sentence, either inside or outside the field. He also sometimes do not even hesitate to launch a "war comment" If there are something things that interfere with him.

However, Mourinho remains a mortal who has humorous side. It is visible when theformer Real Madrid coach could not speak while witnessing the beauty of Jennifer Aniston on the sidelines of the pre season tour of Chelsea FC in the United States in 2013.

Rooney review on 3 Consecutive Defeats to Manchester United

The following are excerpts of works of Beasley, who participated in groups of Chelsea:

"... We were in Los Angeles that the weather is hot enough when the guy has five languages and millions of comments was speechless.

Chelsea are currently undergoing the pre season tour in the United States. Their stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel and everyone was gathered in the lobby to wait for the bus, which will take them to the gym, come.

I was sitting with Mourinho, who was told of the bad experience while on holiday inBrazil.

However, suddenly the story of Jose stalled. Not only that, all the players and Chelsea staff any time speechless. Their eyes are staring, their jaws dropped, and everyonethen froze, did not move from his position.

It turns out that's the charm of which belonged to Jennifer Aniston.

Jose did not make any difference. He did what others do when the movie star Friends were stepping out of the front door to go to the reception area of the hotel: they were all speechless at his position, respectivelyonly their eyes moving.

Rooney review on 3 Consecutive Defeats to Manchester United

Jennifer Aniston very wonderful beautiful on that day and obviously it affects them all. He even had time to glance at the various "collections of zombie" as being bowled, and then glanced towards us all while smiling.

All happened too quickly until at last he disappeared from sight in the corridors and obviously, Jose was the first to react, "F **** ing Hell, Brad Pitt  what a w ** ***!".

Pitt divorced from Jennifer a few years before and then turned his attention to the Angeline Jolie. Mourinho quickly responding to it.

He came back saying, "Jennifer Aniston 1, Angeline Jolie 0", and he had demonstrated a facial facial Angeline who has a characteristic in part her lips, when mentioning the name of Jolie.

The men then burst into laughter. Mourinho can obviously make different atmosphere, but he may think as to what others think, too: who could possibly give up along with Jennifer Anniston? "

 Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal by Robert Beasley 

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