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Manchester United Focus Opponents Hull City, Not Liverpool

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, insists that his team has not thought of counter action from Liverpool on the weekend of the 21st Premier League, on Sunday (15/1/2017). Mourinho declared, focus Manchester United match is currently the face of Hull City in the first leg of the League Cup semifinals on Tuesday (10/1/2017).

Manchester United more seeded compared to Hull City. Based on their position in the Premier League standings, Wayne Rooney and his associates ranks sixth, while Hull City's status as gatekeeper.

Although occupying different positions in the Premier League standings, Mourinhomade sure Manchester United would lose the best squads in action. Because, Manager of the origin of Portugal that sought to add to his League Cup title collection.

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Manchester United Focus Opponents Hull City, Not Liverpool

"We are going against Liverpool on Sunday, it's a big game for us, but we want to be in the final of the League Cup.

"So, we're going to face Hull City with all its capabilities and powers. We know the match will run two leg, however we recently underwent an away game in the second leg. If it could do something on the first leg, it will give You an advantage. We willtry and do that, "stated Mourinho.

During his career in the United Kingdom, Jose Mourinho has grabbed three LeagueCup trophy. He took Chelsea to win the League Cup in season 2004-05, 2006-07 and 2014-15.

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, had a record as a top scorer throughout the history of the Club if it is able to maintain the consistency of the season until the end of 2016-2017.

Sergio Aguero has now had 154 touchdowns since joining Manchester City on July 28, 2011. The latest, Sergio Aguero contributed one goal, while Manchester City beat West Ham United, 5-0, in the third round of the FA Cup game, Friday (6/1/2017).

This entry makes Sergio Aguero is ranked the third-top scorer alongside Manchester City Star era 1760 's, Colin Bell. Sergio Aguero, coincidentally just 12 goals from legendary striker Tommy Johnson who had 354 goals in 166 matches in second place.

Manchester United Focus Opponents Hull City, Not Liverpool

Ranked first currently belong to Eric Brook who collected 178 goals in a total of 496matches in 1927 to 1939 range. If it can keep an average of nicks, Sergio Aguero scoring any predictable can surpass nicks Eric Brook.

In the summer of 2016-2017, Sergio Aguero has scored 18 goals in 21 matches at various event. This entry makes Sergio Aguero became the Club's Premier League players tersubur, though absent in the seven matches of Manchester City.

Only the Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic can match the record scorerSergio Aguero in this season. However, Zlatan Ibrahimovic had the goal of a total number of 28 matches.

Sharpness of Sergio Aguero will certainly be a big advantage for Manchester City for a season, Wade through the 2016-2017. Not to mention the presence of Gabriel Jesus expected them to add power front-line gedor.

Manchester City's Manager, Josep Guardiola, stating if Manchester City defence line of the more positive developments demonstrated.

"Sometimes, you always make statements like this (Defense). When you say we arebetter, we came on the next day and they conceded four goals, "said Guardiola.

"Through my point of view, I think we conceded a lot but we are also missing someopportunities. I am glad of it, but we have to work harder on our matches so that the amount was on the wane, "said Guardiola.

After receiving the bitter results of Leicester City, Guardiola directly evaluate the Manchester City Defender. It starts bearing fruit, as Sergio Aguero and coauthors notedrecently conceded three goals in the last five matches in the Premier League.

Manchester United Focus Opponents Hull City, Not Liverpool

Guardiola admitted if the Premier League is a competition that is tough and competitive. However, the former manager of Barcelona it has tips specifically for victory atevery game.

"The only way to succeed in this is controlled the ball more. It is not easy to implement it in the Premier League, but we insist that's the only way, "said Guardiola.

"But I admit that I was pleased with the progress of the line of defence of Manchester City," said the former Barcelona coach.

Currently, Manchester City is fourth in the order of the standings with 42 points, while the lagging seven points from Chelsea who were in the top spot.

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