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Playing consistent, major key MU defeat Leicester City

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, a satirical game Plymouth Argyle when his team being held 0-0 in the FA Cup third round match of the 2016-2017 at Anfield Stadium, Sunday (8/1/2017). Klopp assess his opponent was too play.

"I actually have things good earned from this match. However, I know no one wants to hear that because we are Liverpool, "said Klopp.

"However, this is football and we've been trying to grab the victory. The biggest challenge in football is played against a team that was very enduring. Perhaps Plymouth currently happy with draw it. They deserve a chance to duel, "said Klopp.

Statement of the Klopp not without reason. ESPN noted statistics, Liverpool appeardominant, with mastery of the ball reached 77 percent, compared to 23 percent-owned Plymouth.

The Reds also featured the mighty by releasing four experiments that 28 of them accurately. In the meantime, Plymouth just get one shot on target of the four opportunities.

Playing consistent, major key MU defeat Leicester City

Match of the FA Cup third round replay 2016-2017 will be held on January 17, 2017.Liverpool will meet in the Park to Home to try out the power of Plymouth Argyle.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, criticized the decision of referee Kevin Friendwho gives John Terry's red card in the FA Cup third round match of the 2016-2017 against Peterborough United, Sunday (8/1/2017). Upon doing so, Conte assess his side ready to appeal.

"I think the decision is not appropriate. First, John Terry is not menjegal the opponent. Second, behind Terry still there Branislav Ivanovic which means not a one-on-one duel. It is unfortunate when something like this happens, "said Conte.

"When you get a red card, of course it's not good. You have to respect the decision of the referee. However, in this case perhaps we will float because it's obvious appeal John does not deserve this kind of decision, "said Conte.

The incident occurred on 67 minutes. Terry was sent off after referee Lee menjegalAngol. The red card was given because Terry is regarded as the last person to be in the lineup in midfield and defense.

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Playing consistent, major key MU defeat Leicester City

Despite with 10 players, Chelsea ultimately remains capable of grabbing a 4-1 victory over Peterborough. The Blues victory goal scored by Pedro Rodriguez (18 ', 75 '),Michy Batshuayi (44 ') and Willian (52 '). As for the entertainment goal Peterborough published by Tom Nicholls (70 ').

This victory made the Chelsea reserves reaching the large 32 FA Cup 2016-2017. The candidate opposed to The Londoners will be known in the draw that took place on Monday (9/1/2017).

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, go vote against the performance shown Marcus Rashford. According to Mourinho, one of the indicators improved appearance Rashford was capable of scoring.

"Scoring for an attacker is a great achievement. Capable of scoring is very important because it can build a sense of self-pecaya, "said Mourinho.

"Our victory against West Ham thanks to his contribution. He also contributed to the big moment MU meets Middlesbrough, but he could not score a goal, "he continued.

In particular The Special One to reveal the story behind the counter action on Rashford appearance Reading at the third round of the FA Cup in 2016-2017 at Old Trafford, Saturday (7/1/2017). The 19-year-old player that had experienced a deadlock inthe first half, but he finally scored two goals in the second half each at minute 75 and 79 '.

"I spoke to Rashford time down to about my indifference towards failure goalscorerthe first half. He has responsibilities that are big enough to penetrate the defense. He's playing well, "said Mourinho.

Be back scoring is a turning point in the season Rashford travel 2016-2017. Its founders came the original attackers Manchester United Academy experienced ups and downs in performance.

After the turn of the year, Marcus Rashford began to find the best games. It provedwhen Manchester United a 2-0 win over West Ham United (2/1/2017). In that game, the players contribute one assists. This season, Marcus Rashford packing six goals and two assists from 25 matches in all competitions.

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