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Opponents Leicester, Mourinho Was Asked Which Wayne Rooney

Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour, assessing Wayne Rooney is currently the source of the problem of the decreasing performance of Manchester United (MU). According to him, Jose Mourinho must dare write off 30-year-old player that, at least when facing Leicester City, Saturday (24/9/2016).

In the summer of 2016-2017, MU had swallowed three consecutive defeats againstManchester City, Feyenoord, and Watford. In the Premier League, the Red Devils ever slumped in seventh position of the standings while, a few seven figure from the City in the first position.

Initially, the media-media United Kingdom criticized the performance of Paul Pogbaare removed from Juventus in the summer of 2016. Status as the world's best players, Pogba hasn't even scored a goal or an assist in four matches.

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Opponents Leicester, Mourinho Was Asked Which Wayne Rooney

Poor matter imposes Pogba's performance against the view of Rooney. Moreover, both players that arguably had the same role in the field. Mourinho had played Pogba as a holding mildfieder, but the way it is not effective.

"In my opinion, Rooney became a major problem in Manchester United this time. What should be done with Jose Mourinho to Wayne Rooney? Do continue to play it or not? "said Parlour.

"I might be a little weird, but this is the right time for ejecting Rooney. He needed abreak to restore focus. For the moment he is the player who most get criticism, "he said.

MU will return melakoni advanced Premier League match against Leicester City at Old Trafford, Saturday (24/9/2016).

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, call Daniel Sturridge dibekap injury. Even so, Klopp optimistic Sturridge could appear when The Reds clash with Hull City in the sixthweek Premier League action

United Kingdom national team striker was only 57 minutes when playing for Liverpool in a 2-1 victory over Chelsea in the fifth week of the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge, 17 September 2016. Sturridge was forced to pulled out of the field because of pain in her legs have complained.

After undergoing examination, Daniel Sturridge suffered bruises. As a result, the former Chelsea striker was absent when The Red squad 3-0 win over Derby County in the League Cup third round matches United Kingdom, Wednesday (21/9/2016) early morning GMT.

Opponents Leicester, Mourinho Was Asked Which Wayne Rooney

Not only absent in the match against Derby County, Sturridge also don't follow Liverpool training session in the last three days. Even so, Klopp hope that 27 years players condition immediately improved and can appear when meets Hull City at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016).

"Daniel has lived the last test yesterday. So he does not practice in the last three days but should join the exercise on today (Thursday). It depends on the exercise, whether he's fit to fight the Hull, so this is not just about training sessions. I rate he'll play, but we just look at it later, "explains Klopp.

"He had some problems after the game and did not practice. Now we have two days until Saturday and we'll see who's practicing full and ready to compete, "he explained.

Daniel Sturridge has had five games with Liverpool in this season. Of the five matches, Sturridge scored five goals a success.

Leicester City will face Manchester United in the sixth week of the Premier League game at Old Trafford, Saturday (24/9/2016). Melakoni duel fiercely, The Foxes endangered not reinforced Kasper Schmeichel.

The 29-year-a goalkeeper missed two games carried by Leicester City. Experience the brain make a tantrum Schmeichel did not appear when The Fox squad a 3-0 win over Burnley in the Premier League, as well as the ingestion of 2-4 defeat to Chelsea in the League Cup, United Kingdom.

But now, his condition began to improve and has practiced with his team-mates on Thursday (22/9/2016). Alas, while undergoing training, Schmeichel having problemsin their muscles.

Due to the injury, Denmark goalkeeper was again threatened can't play when on a trip to the headquarters of the Manchester United, this weekend.

Opponents Leicester, Mourinho Was Asked Which Wayne Rooney

"Today's Schmeichel undergo several practice sessions but he felt a little pain in their muscles so that tomorrow (Friday) I will check his condition. I don't know exactly the membekapnya injury, "explained the Manager of Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri.

"He told me ' I felt something ' and I said ' okay, I'm not a doctor, but her brain concussion is improving '. Let me check his condition tomorrow. If nothing serious thenhe will play, if not she will stay at home, "continued Ranieri.

Holds the status as defending champions, Leicester City currently ranked 11 standings while the Premier League with seven points from five elections caused the action.They left behind two points from Manchester United, who are on the order of seven.

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