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4 reasons Rooney Would Remain the mainstay So Jose Mourinho at MU

Wayne Rooney is believed to be one of the players remain the mainstay of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. Although the 31-year-old will be on October 24th, 2016, Rooney still has the ability to leverage vulnerable opponent and became the organizer of the attack.

Mourinho admitted if her still require the captain of the national team in the United Kingdom. In fact, the original manager of the Portugal that guarantee if Rooney will occupy the post at the front line and no longer played as a midfielder.

"Maybe he's not a role player with the No. 9 again, but he will not be using the role player number 6. He will not be at position 50 metres in front of goal, "said Mourinho.

"With me, he would be still an attacker. To be sure, he's not going to be a role player with the number 6 or 8 again, "he said.

However, Wayne Rooney must prove itself able to meet the wishes of Jose Mourinho. Moreover, Mourinho started doing Makeovers at the front-line with bringing in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

4 reasons Rooney Would Remain the mainstay So Jose Mourinho at MU

Here are six reasons why Rooney would still be the first choice Jose Mourinho at Manchester United in the summer of 2016-2017.

1. Rooney was able to match the amount of Ander Herrera and owned assists Juan Mata

All season 2015-2016, Rooney was recorded six times played as a central midfielder.During that season, scoring one goal, capable Wazza and one assist.

Herrera who also play as central midfielder success chalked up two assists and twogoals in 13 matches. Meanwhile, Juan Mata scored three goals plus four assists from23 appearances as a midfielder. That means, Rooney as effective when playing as a midfielder such as Herrera and eyes.

2. Barcelona is a fan of Wayne Rooney

Mourinho when Chelsea Manager sitting in the Chair believes Rooney will still be great players if survive together. It is pronounced Mourinho when heard Rooney asked that Manchester United was sold on May 12, 2013.

"Rooney might want out of MU for several reasons, but I believe he is the best player and he belongs to Manchester United fans," called Mourinho to the media United Kingdom, Metro in 2013.

4 reasons Rooney Would Remain the mainstay So Jose Mourinho at MU

Mourinho also became the first upset when hear David Moyes will not make Rooney as the first option as a striker for The Red Devils in 2013-2014. Moyes opted to play Robin van Persie as a bomber in the front-line.

"MU will compete with us? I would never have told Rooney if he wasn't going to beour main striker. We even have long tried to get Rooney who did not become the main striker in his team alone, "stated Mourinho to Metro.

3. Wayne Rooney is capable of scoring, though he was often dibekap injury

Rooney was one of the attackers was hit by frequent injuries. One of the severe injury that never membekapnya is in 2015-2016. Was hit by a knee injury to make Wazzacould not appear for two months.

When back in defense of MU on April 16, 2016 against Aston Villa, Rooney scored one goal. He is also capable of scoring one goal, while dealing with the AFC Bournemoth on May 17, 2016.

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4 reasons Rooney Would Remain the mainstay So Jose Mourinho at MU

4. Rooney would be the ideal tandem make Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Admiration for inter to the Champions League is a sign if both players will be able to cooperate well. In his biography, Ibrahimovic admires Rooney as a hard worker and can learn a lot from the player.

"He is a player that is able to run anywhere for his team. I played with him in a teamthan deal with it as an opponent. I haven't been lucky this time to be able to play with him, but so far I really enjoy the way he plays as the audience, "explained Cahill.

If the two are actually a Duet, front-line Manchester United would increasingly scary. Moreover, the ability of Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in breaking into opponent already no need to doubt.

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