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Do not Bring This Ibrahimovic, match schedule MU in Asia

Zlatan Ibrahimovic would undergo costumed Manchester United debut game on Tuesday (26/7/2016). Not a giant team like Manchester City, Liverpool or the other bigclubs in Europe, Inter meets Manchester Salford City. Red Devil legend, Gary Neville,confirm it, Thursday (14/7/2016).

On his Twitter account, Neville revealed the Brazilian will do the first action small original team met then-Manchester. "The first game Zlatan (meets Salford)!", cuitnya.

Cuitan Neville could well become a reality, although Manchester United likely will not go down with the power of the main team. Understandably, Wayne Rooney et alare melakoni tour to China in a series of International Champions Cup (ICC) 2016. On that date, they meets Manchester United in the Beijing National Stadium.

While the laga cons Salford City predicted will only be followed Manchester United's reserve team, plus some legends of the Club. At a game at Moor Lane, Kersal, later, Ibrahimovic will be a guest star.

Do not Bring This Ibrahimovic, match schedule MU in Asia

Salford City is a team of the National League of the North, who owned some of the Manchester United legend. Peter Lim became the owner of a majority stake, which is 50 percent. The remaining 10 percent divided equally each for Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

After the game, Ibrahimovic Salford counterinsurgency almost certainly would grazetogether Manchester United when they meets Galatasaray, at Ullevi, Saturday(30/7/2016). After that Ibrahimovic will participate in the match for Wayne Rooney's testimonial at Old Trafford Stadium (3/8/2016).

Manchester United could not bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic while undergoing a tour to China. On the International Circuit of Champions Cup (ICC) 2016 Manager Jose Mourinho brought on the United Kingdom national team three penggawa Euro 2016, namely Wayne Rooney, Chris Smalling and Marcus Rashford.

The Red Devils will be undergoing a debut party official on Saturday (16/7/2016) cons of Wigan Athletic. After that, Manchester United ICC two games melakoni 2016.Opening party cons Borussia Dortmund Shanghai Stadium, Friday (22/7/2016).

Wayne Rooney dkk shifted to Beijing National Stadium on Tuesday (26/7/2016), met city rivals, Manchester City. After China, The Red Devils flew to Ullevi, a match melakoni cons team Galatasaray, Turkey.

Lastly, before undergoing action Community Shield, Manchester United tried his strength Everton, Wednesday (3/8/2016). Earlier, Mourinho revealed, himself did not want to rush the party conducted a series of friendship.

"I just want to focus on what is in rencanaku, and it is not affected by the series of tour schedule. Now, I'm still looking for players focus, because the incaranku there are 4 in this summer, "refer to Mourinho.

Forbes magazine has just issued an updated list for sports clubs with the highest market value in the world. Manchester United has ever been in first position in 2010, 2011 and 2012, does not change the position of the 2015 list, namely the fifth order.

Manchester United became the only Club of United Kingdom origin residing in the large list of 20. Currently, The Red Devils rewarded of 3.32 billion u.s. dollars ($ 43.4 trillion).

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Do not Bring This Ibrahimovic, match schedule MU in Asia

Although it failed to perform in the Champions League, United are still get large fund injections after signing a contract of cooperation with Germany, Adidas original apparel. The Club managed by Jose Mourinho is securing a contract with a duration of ten years worth 750 million pounds ($ 12.8 trillion) by 2015-16 season.

Although most clubs get listed in Manchester also brings a large amount of debt. In February, the Club's debt reached a record of 322 million pounds ($ 5.67 trillion).

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is still a football club which has the highest market value. However, Los Blancos who occupy top positions in the period 2013-2015, must be willing to go down a rank because the top position now occupied by American Football team, the Dallas Cowboys. For the first time since the list was published in 2010, the first position is occupied by non-sports club football.

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