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1982 World Cup winners want to Replace Conte-Italy

1982 World Cup winner Marco Tardelli (61), had a dream to become the coach of the national team of Italy replaced Antonio Conte (46) after the Euro 2016.

Coaching world it's not foreign to the former defensive midfielder Azzurri. He succeeded in delivering Italy U-21 national team won Euro 2000.

However, Tardelli was also experiencing a dark period for directing when Inter Milan, Bari, Arezzoand Egypt national football team.

His last role was became Assistant to Giovanni Trapattoni's Republic of Ireland national team in the 2008-2013.

Juventus legend said that he just wanted to menukangi a large team, such as Italy.

1982 World Cup winners want to Replace Conte-Italy

"I don't want to train a small team. I have a goal for directing a large team, "said Tardelli to Radio Due the reported by Italy Football Monday (18/1/2016).

"I want to be the coach of Italy when Antonio Conte went. I don't know if he will go after the Euro, "he said again.

Tardelli pun said, "Conte seems to be angry in some aspects of his job and if he leaves the national team may be it will be the best for her."

Tardelli was a figure full of feats during play, especially then-defending Juventus. One of his achievements was to give 5 7-1 for The Old Lady.

Juventus formalize transfer Rolando Mandragora from Genoa. Juventus called do large investments because of the Mandragora is one of the players who digadang-gadang became the successor of Andrea Pirlo in the future.

Juventus confirm transfer Mandragora party via their official website. 18 year old teen was recruited with initial cost six million euros.

I Bianconeri, nickname Juventus, potentially paying six million euros extra, if it meetsa number of Mandragora targets specified in the letter of cooperation.

Teen births that freshly prepared Neapolitan joined the Juventus squad starting next season. Mandragora will melakoni the rest of the season 2015-2016 as a loan at Serie B Club, Pescara.

By a number of observers and the media hailed Italy, Juventus a vital step to do to secure one of the important assets of Italy's soccer.

In terms of character and physical game, Mandragora was often equated with the former midfielder Genoa who is now strengthening the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Thiago Motta.

However, it has richer features techniques, so also in comparison with Pirlo, former champ Juventus.

1982 World Cup winners want to Replace Conte-Italy

"Juventus will see his talent. Mandragora reminds me against Motta, but with the added quality of technique, "said the coach of Pescara who is also ex-wing AC Milan, Massimo Oddo.

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Who exactly Mandragora? Look at its track record, it is included in the eyes of the Juventus transfer maneuver chains seeking heir Pirlo.

Rolly, Mandragora, be a call option after Juventus failed to keep wooing PSG midfielder Marco Verratti.

Mandragora is its founders came melakoni Academy of Genoa and Serie A debut on October 29, 2001 at the age of 17 years and 4 months. His adversary is none other then-Juventus.

When he was 13 years old, Rolly once rejected by a number of clubs. They are in between Rome, Palermo, Atalanta, Juventus and again! After five years, moving to-punmanifest in a higher career level.

Since accommodated Genoa, Mandragora kian talent honed. It seemed infectious ability of gene families. His uncle, Bruno, is the flagship coach in the Campania region, Southern Italy.

Bruno now menukangi Serie D Club, Puteolana. Father, Giustino, Mandragora was Director of engineering at a school of football belongs to Cannavaro brothers, Fabio and Paolo, in Giugliano.

Passion AS Roma bring in Defender Adriano Correia Barcelona wing, encountering obstacles. The player reportedly will not be moved to Rome or any club in January.

Roma need extra strength in the sector wing Defender. Targets identified must havegood instincts survive, and even supported the attack on the front-line.

1982 World Cup winners want to Replace Conte-Italy

Adriano, 31 years old, included in that category. He was tough, fast, and good at doing dribel and removing the cross.

The situation is increasingly supporting Adriano signed from Barcelona because of his status there is not the ultimate choice.

Adriano is required because option wing defender of Rome is not convincing, especially on the right side. Maicon is vulnerable to injury, while Vassilis Torosidis wind-anginan.

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Coaches to have to often put up the sector Florenzi Alessandro, whereas its naturalposition is defensive midfielder.

However, the desire of the Roman recruiting-Adriano must be delayed after confirmation appears from his agent, Paulo Affonso.

"Adriano will not be leaving Barcelona in January. He did not think the transfer andstill want to be useful for Barca. If Rome wants Adriano, they should talk to Barcelona and I, "said Affonso told Mundo Deportivo.

Even if Rome still ngebet purchased the former whiz Sevilla, they had to wait until the summer of opportunity later.

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